Glass & Mirror Cleaner
10X Export Concentrate

Technical Data Sheet

PRODUCT: Crystal Clear Glass & Mirror Cleaner, 10X Concentrate

DESCRIPTION: Crystal Clear 10X Concentrate is designed to be diluted with nine parts of water for use as a "Ready to Use" Glass Cleaner. 
Crystal Clear Concentrate contains powerful biodegradable surfactants, grease cutting amines and sequestrants. It has an alcohol base for fast drying. Crystal Clear Concentrate contains a special additive which makes wiping easy and helps to resist fingerprints.

DILUTION DIRECTIONS: Dilute 1 part Crystal Clear Concentrate 10X with 9 parts of  water. One gallon of Crystal Clear Concentrate 10X makes ten Gallons of Crystal Clear Glass & Mirror cleaner.
Crystal Clear Concentrate Concentrate 10X dilutes as a clear, blue liquid in soft or in hard water, up to up to 500 ppm. harness. 

DIRECTIONS for USE: Spray on, wipe off with a cloth, paper towel or squeegee.  Crystal Clear Concentrate cuts grease, cleans rapidly and effectively to leave streak free, sparkling glass.

USES: Use on all hard surfaces:  Widows mirrors, TV screens, counters, display cases, windshields, chrome appliances, enameled surface, Formica, tile floors, stainless steel, jewelry, and much more. Approved safe for use in food areas.  

Try a 25 oz. sample of :

Crystal Clear Glass & Mirror Cleaner 10X Concentrate
Makes ten, 25 ounce bottles of Crystal Clear Glass and Mirror Cleaner.

Product Makes: At Sample Cost:
Glass & Mirror Cleaner Over 15, 16 oz. bottles $1.00 / bottle *
* Based on sample cost: $14.95 / 25 oz.

An applicator bottle, trigger sprayer, Technical Data Sheet and an MSDS.

Try a Sample on major credit card:

USA and Canada: $14.95 plus S & H, $15.00 by Air = $39.95 USD

Outside USA & Canada: $14.95 plus  S & H, $30.00 by Air =$44.95 USD

Distributors: Crystal Clear Glass & Mirror Cleaner 10X Concentrate is available in 55 Gallon drums. 

One drum makes ten drums of Crystal Clear Glass & Mirror Cleaner.  Prices upon request.

The cost of the sample will be deducted from any substantial future order.


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