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Optimized Colloidal Agent

Chemical Spill Cleanup with Solution 2000

Actual Case History, Asia: Insoluble in Water Chemicals.

Product Description: Heat Transfer Fluid.

Hazardous waste components :

  • Partially hydrogenated terphenyls.
  • Partially hydrogenated polyphenyls,
  • Quaterphenyls and higher terphenyls.



Contain large spills with dikes.  Vacuum and transfer the material to appropriate containers for reclamation or disposal. Absorb small spills or residual material in a flammable medium. The recommended method of disposal in this instance is burning.

Apply SOLUTION 2000™ to the balance of the residual spill area to be held in temporary colloidal suspension.  Vacuum and transfer the fluid to appropriate containers. Allow to settle. Decant off liquid portion and remove the solids for reclamation or disposal.

The liquid portion, SOLUTION 2000™, may be re-used on the spill area,  if the suspended solids are removed by, flocculation, filtration or centrifuging. The solid waste may be transferred to appropriate containers for reclamation or disposal.

Finally, flush the residual area with SOLUTION 2000™ and water.

Other References:

Case history: 10 Day In Situ Biodegradation of Oil Spill Recovery Pond, U.S.A.

See: Oil Spills and other hydrocarbon spills and oil spill remediation, fire potential reduction.

Case history: Uranium Dust, Canada.

Some other industrial applications : Asbestos Dust, Pigments, PCB's, and many other fine particle powders or solids suspended in liquids. Oil based printing ink. Removal of organic wax and glue.



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