solvent replacement, solvent replacement, solvent replacement,

solvent replacement, solvent replacement, solvent replacement,
An environmental solvent replacement for the 21st. century.

Approvals, Independent Lab Tests

Letters of Recommendation.

solvent replacement, solvent replacement, solvent replacement,Literature:

General Information: Glossy brochure, 4 page.
Press Release: "EnviRite News".
Information Sheet: SOLUTION 2000™ "Features and Benefits" condensed.
Special Applications: Describes product applications by industry.
Dilution Data Sheets: Ratios for SOLUTION 2000™ Conc., 5X and 10X .
Dilution Data Sheets: U.S., Imperial and Metric measure.
Cost, Use/Dilution: Consumer, wholesale, distributor and master distributor.
Price Lists: Consumer, wholesale, distributor and master distributor.
Fax Promo: Four page presentation.
Mail Promo: One page presentation. "Solution 2000 Has It All".

20 L. Cube Dilution Data Program with directions for:

    Carpet Cleaning Guide
    Dental Program
    Food Service Program
    Housekeeping and Maintenance Program
    Machine Shop Program
    Marine Program. Tankers:
    SOLUTION 2000™ 5X
    Parts Washer Program:
    SOLUTION 2003 and 5X
    Oil Rig Program:
    SOLUTION 2000™ and 5X
    Printing and Bindery Program
    Vehicle and Shop Maintenance Program
    Veterinarian Program
    Window Washer's Guide

Material Safety Data Sheets:

SOLUTION 2000™ has no hazardous components.
MSDS available for all formulations.

Government Approvals:

  • USA, OSHA:
    Complies with Specs 29-CFR-1910-1200.

  • USDA, Food Safety Inspection Service:
    Food-safe per Title 7 (part 59), Title 9 (part 317, 381). Food-safe per Title 7 (part 59), Title 9 (part 317, 381)

  • Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada:
    Deemed non-hazardous.  Approval of label and safety claims.

  • Health and Welfare Canada:
    Health Protection, Drug Information Branch. Drug Identification Number not required.

  • Agriculture Canada:
    Food Production and Inspection Branch, Chemical Division. Disinfectant registration (P.C.P.) Registration not required.

  • Health and Welfare Canada:
    Health Protection Branch, Food Packaging.   Chemical  Evaluation Division. Safe for use in food preparation areas.

  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:
    Food Production and Inspection Branch. Safe for use in all food packaging and production plants.

  • MAF, New Zealand:
    Meat, Agriculture and Fisheries. Approved as a sanitizer in food production plants.

Toxicology Test:
solvent replacement, solvent replacement, solvent replacement, 5X:

  • Acute Oral: Non-toxic

  • Acute Dermal: Non-toxic

  • Inhalation: Not Applicable

  • Primary Skin Irritation: Non-Irritant

  • Primary Eye Irritation: Non-Irritant

Food taint transfer tests:

Foodra Laboratories Report, Dairy Products: Approved


EPA Test Method 24:
SOLUTION 2000™ Concentrate exceeds proposed SCAQMD requirements 01/01/2006.
Acceptance Program test identified only trace VOC's.

University Medical Hospital Report:

Radioactive decontamination of glass, lead and perspex: Passed.
Removal of  protein, hemoglobin and acid buffering tests: Passed.

Oil Emulsion Stability Test:

Certificate of analysis, ASTM-D3342

Oil Spill Insitu Cleanup: Report

Independent case history. Oil spill detention pond USA: Successful

Aircraft Approvals:

Boeing D6-17487, Revision
Boeing BAC 5749.
Boeing BAC 7219.
Douglas CSD #1, reissued
AMS 1556A Lockheed.

Testimonials, Letters of Appreciation, Canada, USA:

  • United Technologies, Pratt and Whitney, Canada

  • Toronto Sun Newspaper, Canada

  • University of California, USA

  • Sheraton Hotels USA

  • Medical Centre, USA

  • Contract cleaner, Canada

  • Window Cleaner, Canada

  • Golf Club Manufacturer, USA

  • Enterprise Property Group, Canada

  • Regional Police Department, Canada

  • Aircraft Wing Manufacturer , Multinational

  • Editorial, "Sanitation Canada Magazine"

  • Editorial, "Enviro-Tech News"

  • State of Alaska, Letter of Acknowledgement, Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Some Multinational, Corporate Approvals.

  • Amoco Chemical

  • B.P.

  • Chrysler

  • G.E. Nuclear

  • General Motors

  • IBM

  • Pepsico

  • Siemens

  • Solutia Inc.

  • The Star Newspaper

  • United Technologies

  • Westinghouse


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solvent replacement, solvent replacement, solvent replacement,