Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser,  Colloidal Degreaser

Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser,

SOLUTION 2000™ is a uniquely versatile cleaner. It will clean heavily soiled industrial machinery AND clean the operator's hands afterwards. Powerful, yet mild, this clear, almost-colorless liquid is the answer to all your cleaning problems.


Colloidal Degreaser,  Colloidal Degreaser,  Colloidal Degreaser, IS:
  • Effective for virtually all cleaning applications. It is a heavy-duly, highly-concentrated, colloidal degreasing agent.
  • Completely Safe. Holds no risk for people or the environment in use, application or storage.
  • Economical to procure, use and store. Used with large amounts of water, it keeps working when other products would be exhausted.
  • Long-lasting in storage.
  • Versatile. Simply change the dilution for different jobs.
  • Pleasant to use, leaves no unpleasant after-effects, no residue, no odor.
  • Effective in hot and cold water.
  • Doubly-efficient with regular use, keeps drains, sumps and grease traps clean without any additional mechanical or chemical treatment.
  • Unequalled by any other individual cleaning product or combination of products.
  • Kind to hands. Will not harm or dry out normal skin types.
  • 99% biodegradable in seven days.
Just as important as what SOLUTION 2000™ is, is what it is not. Nearly all other cleaning products have undesirable side effects or inherent dangers linked to their use. SOLUTION 2000™ is safe.


Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, IS NOT:

  • A soap

  • A petroleum-based solvent

  • Toxic. Will cause no damage, even if accidentally drunk.

  • Caustic. Will not damage skin, plants or surfaces.

  • Flammable. It very safe to use.

  • Explosive. Causes no safety or storage problems.

  • Fuming. Requires no protective protective breathing apparatus or special precautions.

  • Foaming. Low-sudsing, SOLUTION 2000™ is especially easy to dispose of once used and causes no problems with effluent.


SOLUTION 2000™ contains none of the chemicals that make other cleaners undesirable and works efficiently without:

  • Phosphates
  • Nitrates
  • Sulphates
  • Caustic substances
  • Hydrocarbon solvents.
  • Chlorinated solvents.
  • Enzymes
  • Other known pollutants


Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, is versatile.
  • SOLUTION 2000™ can be used for all cleaning operations - anything from washing out the inside of an oil tanker to washing your hands.

  • It is very hygienic - ideal for use in "clean" environments such as hospitals, laboratories and in electronic-component manufacturing.

  • A unique, homogenous blend of sequestrants, surfactants and hyper-wetting agents. SOLUTION 2000™ is a water-soluble colloidal agent, that can be used on absolutely any material which is safe in contact with water; including plastics, fabrics, paints, leather, metals, wood, glass, ivory and ceramics, when used as directed.

  • It can be used in hard, soft and salt water and works remarkably well even in cold water.


Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, is economical.

SOLUTION 2000 uses from two to ten times more water than other cleaners and is completely removed by rinsing with water.

It keeps working long after other cleaners would be exhausted, because it holds dirt and grease in colloidal suspension in the solution, which keeps it from being re-deposited.

Only one cleaning product is needed - use it all ways - always. This saves on storage space and dramatically reduces handling costs.

Because it is so safe, SOLUTION 2000 will reduce hazards in the work place and therefore reduce expense on sick leave, accidents, fire insurance and other safety and first aid provisions.


Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, is safe.

SOLUTION 2000™ poses no threat to staff. It can be used without any protective clothing and will not damage animals or plants - in fact, it can be positively beneficial to the soil.

It will not damage any material that can be washed with water.

SOLUTION 2000™ can be washed away directly into the main drainage system without danger.

99% biodegradable in seven days - an ideal period from an environmental point of view - neither too slow, which could lead to pollution, nor too fast, when it could become a bio-stimulant, upsetting the natural cycle of decomposition in soil and water.

No other cleaner on the market can claim to be as powerful and as environmentally beneficial, something we think is especially important in these pollution-conscious times.


Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, added bonus:

Conventional caustic and acid cleaners are known to damage waste pipes. SOLUTION 2000™ doesn't.

 In normal use, the need to clean or unblock waste pipes, drains or sewers is eliminated, provided SOLUTION 2000™ is used for all cleaning purposes.

SOLUTION 2000™ will clear and maintain waste plumbing obstruction-free and odor-free for as long as it is used regularly.

SOLUTION 2000™ super-cleaning action will also help to detect damaged or leaking pipes in need of attention.  


Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, has already proven itself invaluable in many areas. 

Some of which are listed below:

Aerospace industry Automotive industry
Catering Commercial degreasing
Food processing Glass & mirror cleaning
Hospitals and clinics Hotels
Household cleaning Industrial cleaning
Laundry Manufacturing industries

Marine and shipping industries

Metal processing
Office cleaning Oil industry
Paper processing Printing
Resin clean-up Steam and pressure washes
Textiles Universities
Veterinarians Waste disposal
Water treatment


Distributors: Dilute SOLUTION 2000™ 10X Base 1:9 with water to make ten times the amount of SOLUTION 2000™ Concentrate.

Then use the following guide to dilute further...


Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, Concentrate Dilutions
This guide gives an idea of the wide range of applications for SOLUTION 2000™.
Dilution Directions: SOLUTION 2000™ / Water
Heavy Duty Degreaser

Full strength to 1:3



Heavy Duty Cleaner


Multi-purpose Cleaner 1:20
Maintenance Cleaner 1:30
Glass, Mirror and Chrome 1:60
Carpet Cleaning, (Extraction Type) 1:160

These dilutions are only recommendations. Heat, agitation or brushing can reduce the above requirements. It is totally safe to experiment on any surface safe with water.

Most cleaning jobs can be accomplished using one of the above dilutions on its own. However, it is useful to remember the colloidal properties of SOLUTION 2000™ mean that it cleans in a special way. It relies on a ready supply of water to float off the dirt and will continue to do so as long as moisture is available. The cleaning process will often be speeded along by agitation, the application of heat or longer dwell times.


Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, Colloidal Degreaser, Technical Data

SOLUTION 2000™ is a pale-amber liquid with a mild, pleasant odor.
Contains no hazardous ingredients.
pH (concentrate): 8.5
Solubility in Water: 100%
Specific Gravity: 1.0
Boiling Point: 100ฐ C.
Evaporation Rate (Water = 1): 1.0
SOLUTION 2000™ has no flash point.

Try a Sample of SOLUTION 2000™ Colloidal Degreaser and Cleaner


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