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AUTO POLISH - a creamy emulsion of high grade carnauba and silicones, formulated for cars and boats. Clean and polish in one step, manual or by machine buffing.

CAR AND TRUCK WASH, H.D. - a special formulated, heavy duty powdered detergent for cleaning of trucks, cars and buses etc. Suitable for spray wash machines and pressure wash systems.

CAR AND TRUCK WASH LIQUID - high foaming liquid quickly removes road film and salt, dries with no film or spots. For hand or power wash units. Dilutes to 1:60.

CAR AND TRUCK WASH & WAX LIQUID - extra concentrated commercial grade, heavy duty.

CAR AND TRUCK WASH POWDER - commercial grade, green powder. Economical and effective for hand washing or automatic car wash.

FLOOR CLEANER, CONCRETE - white power, cuts oil and grease on concrete floors.

FLOOR CLEANER, GARAGE - yellow powder, for degreasing and cleaning floors.

FLOOR CLEANER, STRIP - the ultimate heavy duty, concentrated, safe, floor cleaner and degreaser.

FLUSH OFF ENGINE DEGREASER/SHAMPOO - general purpose engine shampoo. Dilutes up to 1:1. With varsol only.

FLUSH OFF ENGINE DEGREASER/SHAMPOO - heavy duty extra concentrated liquid shampoo. Water emulsifiable solvent degreaser, dilute with kerosene or varsol up to 1:8.

POWERHOUSE, PRESSURE WASH LIQUID - NON BUTYL - concentrated technical grade. Pressure wash chemical. Rust inhibited. Dilutes to 1:80.


BATHROOM CREAM CLEANSER, TILE AND GROUT BOWL AND PORCELAIN CLEANER - Low acid, Disinfectant, cream formula tile and grout, bowl, porcelain and chrome cleaner, low acid content. Clings to vertical surfaces.

BOWL CLEANER (Safety) - Low acid content, liquid, scented, blue, bowl cleaner and disinfectant.

BOWL MASTER - disinfectant, white emulsion liquid toilet bowl and urinal cleaner, inhibited high acid content. (23%).

DELIMING SOLUTION - urinal and toilet bowl delimer is a concentrated blend of acids for the fast removal of lime and scale.

SOFT SHINE, NON ACID TYPE WITH MILD ABRASIVE - for enamel, porcelain, china, formica, etc. Cleanser with polishing qualities. Basins, tubs, toilets, countertops, etc. Clings to vertical surfaces.


ANTI-STAT- anti-static liquid to be applied with sprayer directly to carpet. Especially for computer rooms. Dilutes to 1:10.

CARPET PROTECTOR - a high quality product that seals the fibers from contaminants, soil and stains ensuring a better looking and longer lasting carpet.

CHEWING GUM & WAX REMOVER - removes gum, wax, tar and grease from most surfaces, including carpets and upholstery. Evaporates quickly leaving no odour.

DEFOAMER - a concentrated antifoam emulsion. For lowering foam levels in recovery tanks and eliminate the possibility of overflow. Dilutes up to 1:80.

FABRIC RUST REMOVER - safely removes rust stains from fabrics.

UPHOLSTERY PROTECTOR - formulated to prevent spilled liquids and soils from penetrating upholstery fabrics.

PAINT, OIL & GREASE REMOVER - a blend of dry cleaning solvents to remove oil base stains. Makes grease or oil, water soluble.

SPOTTER (Wet) - Water based,  for spotting or pre-spotting. Removes most spots and stains without scrubbing. Compatible with all carpet cleaning systems. Dilutes to 1:10.

SPOTTER (Dry) - Citrus Solvent carpet grease spotter. A blend of solvents based on the essential oil of oranges, (a renewable resource) that is water rinseable, biodegradable surfactants.

RUG SHAMPOO - extra heavy duty dry foam shampoo. High content optical brightener and anti-static agents. Dilutes to 1:20.

STEAMER LIQUID - steam extraction machine type carpet cleaner. Dilutes up to 1:160.

STEAM POWDER - steam extraction machine type carpet cleaner. Dilutes 1:160.

STEAM POWDER, HEAVY DUTY - a highly concentrated, specifically designed carpet cleaner for extraction or truck mounted units. Dilutes to 1:200.

TRAFFIC LANE CLEANER - for pre-treating high traffic areas prior to steam cleaning. Promotes release of soils from manmade and natural fibres in all rugs/carpets.


CITRUS SOLVENT - solvent based machinery and parts degreaser. A blend of solvents based on the essential oil of oranges, a biodegradable, renewable resource, that is water rinseable. Contains biodegradable surfactants. High flash point.

DYNAMO - all purpose cleaner/degreaser. Dilutes up to 1:40 Gov't. approved food safe.

FORMULA 317 - all purpose powder cleaner/detergent. Gov't. approved food safe.

LIFT OFF - extra concentrated all purpose cleaner/degreaser. Dilutes up to 1:80. Gov't. approved food safe.

ORANGE DEGREASER - heavy duty cleaner/degreaser based on citrus oil (renewable resource) natural deodorizer, biodegradable surfactants.

PINE OIL DEGREASER - solvent based machinery and parts degreaser. A blend of solvents based on the essential oil of pine, a biodegradable, renewable resource, that is water rinseable. Contains biodegradable surfactants. High flash point.

POWERHOUSE DEGREASER - Non Butyl, water based degreaser. For pressure washers or in parts cleaners. Rust inhibited. Dilutes up to 1:80.

SOLUTION 2000™ - cleaner/degreaser, not WHMIS regulated, all government approvals, biodegradable, non toxic, sewer disposable. Uses: From degreasing an auto engine to spotting grease from silk. Safe on any water-safe surface. Non-polluting, environment and user friendly.

SPRAY CLEAN - alkaline degreaser for parts cleaners, and cleaner/degreaser, extra concentrated all purpose cleaner/degreaser. Dilutes up up to 1:80.

SPRAY N WIPE - alkaline degreaser for parts cleaners. A fantastic all purpose cleaner/degreaser. Spray on, wipe off, no rinsing required. Removes grease, grime and tough stains instantly. Ready to use.

U-CAN SPRAY & WIPE - spray on, wipe off, no rinsing required. Cleans, deodorizes and disinfects. Pleasantly scented. Ready to use.


BARBECUE AND GRIDDLE CLEANER - an alkaline blend to quickly clean iron, steel and chrome plated cooking surfaces.

CLEANSER, CHLORINATED, POWDER - removes, dirt, grease, lime and rust stains on toilets, urinals, tubs, sinks, tile and most other non-porous surfaces. Use with refillable dispensing containers.

CUTLERY SOAK, POWDER - for soaking cutlery and eating utensils prior to dishwashing.

DISHWASH, PINK  - economy glass and dishwash detergent.

DISHWASH 20% - heavy duty, glass and dishwash liquid detergent with sequestering agents.

DISHWASH 30%- AMBER OR PINK - concentrated super degreaser, abundant suds, glass and dishwashing liquid detergent with sequestering agents.

DISHWASH, SUPER - for pots, pan and very greasy or heavily encrusted dishes.

DISHWASHER DELIMER - safety acid cleaner. Food safe for use in dish and glass washers.

HEAVY DUTY OVEN CLEANER - professional oven cleaner quickly and effectively removes scorched and baked-on grease, food stains and dirt from ovens without scrubbing and scraping. Viscous liquid. Spray on with trigger.

MACHINE DISH-WASH, LIQUID - a super concentrated liquid. For dishes, glasses and utensils. Excellent wetting and penetrating qualities.

MACHINE DISH-WASH, CHLORINATED POWDER - heavy duty chlorinated. Suitable for domestic or institutional machines.

MACHINE DISH-WASH, CAUSTIC POWDER - heavy duty. Caustic for use in institutional machines.

MACHINE DISH-WASH RINSE AGENT - liquid rinse agent for glasses. Leaves glasses spotless and sparkling. Dilutes to 1:480.

MACHINE DISH-WASH SANITIZER - liquid quaternary sanitizer for glasses and dishes. Dilutes to 1:480 with water.


ABSORB-O - special quality absorbent compound. Granules with odour neutralizer and perfume. To absorb odour causing liquid waste from floors, garbage bins etc.

CHECKMATE - a concentrated blend of odour neutralizing perfumes with adjustable wick. DEODORANT, BAN - odour eradicator. Pleasant floral scent. Dilutes to 1:10. Can be used with carpet extractor.

DEODORANT, ODOREX - a concentrated, deodorizer dual phase deodorizer that eliminates both airborne and surface odours on contact. Dilutes to 1:10. Can also be used in carpet and upholstery extractors.

DEODORANT, CHERRY - a concentrated ready to use air deodorizer that eliminates both air-born and surface odours on contact. Can also be used in carpet and upholstery extractors.

CITRUS DISINFECTANT, 10X - dual quaternary cleaner, deodorant, disinfectant, fungicide, viruside, suitable for hospital use. Dilutes up to 1:228. P.C.P. (Gov) approved. CITRUS DISINFECTANT 10X - Data Sheet

DISINFECTANT, PINE - dual quaternary cleaner, deodorant, sanitizer. Dilutes up to 1:160. P.C.P. (Gov.) approved.

DISINFECTANT, SUPERPINE - pine oil disinfectant, deodorant and germicide. Dilutes to 3:160.


FLOOR GEL - is a cleaner and polish for hard floor surface maintenance.

LO FOAM MACHINE SCRUB - low-foaming detergent for floor cleaning machines.

NO STRIP NEUTRAL DETERGENT - Sanitizer/Deodorizer. A special floor cleaner effective in penetrating soiled surfaces and lifting soils for easy removal. Will not strip wax. Dilutes to 1:80.

PINE SCRUB NEUTRAL SOAP - natural pine scented, will not strip wax. Dilutes up to 1:50.

ULTRA CLEAN - an easily rinsed superior rapid all purpose cleaner. For floors and walls. Effective in removing waxes and oils.


ACRYLA SEAL - sealer for vinyl-terrazzo asbestos and rubber flooring, acrylic polymer, metallic cross-link.

FLOOR FINISH, EVERSHINE - 12% - commercial grade, hard finish, long lasting, compares to finishes costing much more. Medium glass.

FLOOR FINISH, EVERLAST - 15% - heavy duty, hard finish, spray buffable, for high traffic areas combined sealer and finish. Ultra high shine.

FLOOR FINISH, DOUBLE DIAMOND - 18% - extra hard, spray buffable recommended for exceptionally high traffic areas. Ultra high shine.

FLOOR FINISH, ULTRA FINISH - 20% - extra hard high solids, spray buffable floor finish. Lustrous shine.

FLOOR FINISH, SPRAY BUFF LIQUID - spray on previously waxed floors and buff to a high shine.

FLOOR FINISH, RED LINE HIGH SPEED FLOOR FINISH - 24% - a new high tech urethane modified acrylic co-polymer floor finish designed for high speed application. This unique finish has shown superior response to high speed burnishing while providing outstanding wear. It demonstrates a good balance of scuff resistance and repairability while providing one of the longest wearing finishes in the industry.

FLOOR FINISH RESTORER, FOR REDLINE HIGH SPEED FLOOR FINISH - dilutes at 1:4 with water to restore original luster and shine of Redline high speed floor finish.

TERRAZZO-SEAL - solvent based terrazzo sealer.

SPEED-SEAL - a natural colour filler sealer, often used before Dura-Coat, dries immediately for second coat.

SEMI-LIQUID SPIRIT WAX 10% - cleans hardwood and leaves a light coat of protective wax.

DURA-COAT CONCENTRATE, 45% - oil modified polyurethane for concrete or hardwood. Two hour drying time for second coat. Dilutes to 1:3 for first sealing coat. Covers 600 sq. ft. undiluted.

DUST INHIBITOR - oil based or water mollifiable for easy laundering of cloths and mops. To treat dust mops and cloths, apply with trigger sprayer.

DUST MOP TREATMENT - water soluble dust inhibitor to treat dust mops and cloths.



AMONI-STRIP - a powerful fast acting stripper that effectively removes floor finishes, waxes and dirt, grime and grease without leaving harmful residues. Dilutes to 1:80.

POWER STRIP NON-AMMONIATED STRIPPER - for effortless, non-ammoniated wax stripping. Dilutes up to 1:80 as a cleaner.

RED LINE HEAVY DUTY STRIPPER - a special formulated stripper for our redline high speed floor finish system.

STRIP 1 STRIPPER - a concentrated free rinsing liquid which effectively penetrates and dewaxes heavily coated floors.


FURNITURE POLISH - thick creamy silicone polish. Wipe on, wipe off.

LEMON OIL - quickly removes surface stains, dirt and grease and leaves a clear polished surface. Lemon scent. Also suitable for use on open wood or unsealed wood.

ORANGE OIL - quickly removes surface stains, dirt and grease and leaves a clear polished surface. Lemon scent. Also suitable for use on open wood or unsealed wood

TEAK OIL - lubricates and moisturizes teak and other open or unsealed wood. Removes dust and dirt to leave a rich shining appearance.

VINYL SHINE - a creamy emulsion of silicones and cleaning agents. To clean, polish and protect vinyl and naugahyde.


CRYSTAL CLEAR - glass and mirror cleaner. Ready to use, dries spotless and sparkling.

CRYSTAL CLEAR 10X CONCENTRATE - concentrated glass and mirror cleaner. Dries spotless and sparkling. Dilutes up to 1:10. CRYSTAL CLEAR CONCENTRATE Data Sheet

PANELESS-ANTI-FOG / ANTI-STATIC - a specially formulated mirror and window cleaner. Prevents fog, misting and finger printing. Also prevents static build-up on desktop computer screens. PANELESS Data Sheet


WHITE ACTION - fast, amazingly effective, yet ultra mild paste. Deodorized, cleans hands with or without water. Pleasantly scented.

DISPENSER FOR 7 LB. - dispenser for 7 lb. waterless hand cleaner containers.


POMME D'AMOUR, GREEN APPLE SHAMPOO - a professional grade hair and body shampoo concentrate for normal and dry hair. Contains protein and conditioners. Apple scented. May be used undiluted in lotion dispensers. Dilutes up to 1:5.

BORATED HAND SOAP - hand soap powder for the economical removal of grease and grime.

LIQUID SOAP - 15% - concentrate liquid hand soap for dispensers, coconut type. Green, amber or pink.

LIQUID SOAP - 30% - extra concentrate for dispensers. Coconut type hand soap. Green or amber.

PINK LOTION SOAP, ECONOMY - lotion hand soap for liquid dispensers.

PINK LOTION SOAP - 15% - our very popular lotion hand soap for liquid dispensers.

PINK PEARL SOFT SOAP - extra thick and creamy pearlessent pink hand soap. Gently scented. High sudsing with excellent cleaning qualities. Leaves hands soft and supple.

SOFTOUCH, SOFT HAND SOAP- most economical, extra viscous, pleasantly scented, with good cleaning qualities and easy rinsing. P.H. balanced to 7, kind to hands.


BLEACH, LAUNDRY- powdered bleach for laundry application.



UNBLEACHABLES BLEACH - OXYGEN BLEACH, powder that brightens coloured fabrics that are not normally bleachable.

BLUE SOUR - a powdered acidic compound, designed to neutralize and eliminate residue alkali from laundered fabric.

FABRIC RUST REMOVER - safely removes rust stains from fabrics.

FABRIC SOFTENER, LIQUID - leaves clothes fluffy, light and static free. Use 1 oz. per domestic load.

FABRIC SOFTENER, POWDER - a powdered quaternary ammonium compound designed to impart softness and anti-bacterial properties to laundered fabric.

LIQUID LAUNDRY DETERGENT - a highly concentrated detergent that performs in hot or cold water. Leaves clothes clean and bright. Use 1/4 cup per domestic load.

LOW SUDS - powder laundry detergent, biodegradable, low suds, extra concentrated. No phosphates. Suitable for commercial or domestic use. Approximately 1/4 cup per load, domestic.

LOW SUDS WITH PHOSPHATE - as above first item but with phosphates for extra cleaning power. 1/4 cup per domestic load.


PENETRATING OIL - super penetrant, rust cutter and inhibitor with de-moisturizing agent.

SILICONE LUBRICANT - heavy duty concentrate, technical grade.


DRIVEWAY SEALER - acrylic, water repellent for asphalt.


DRAIN MASTER - inhibited acid based liquid drain opener. Dissolves organic blockages, fast acting.

DRAIN MASTER GRANULAR - caustic and aluminum granular drain and sewer opener.

DRIPMATIC FLUID - for use in drip machines on urinals or toilets. Cleans and deodorizes. Pleasantly scented.

ENZYME WASTE TREATMENT, POWDER - safest way to maintain bacteria levels in septic tanks and cesspools. Cleans drains and traps.

ENZYME WASTE TREATMENT, LIQUID - liquid alive bacteria with instant odour control. Non-toxic, non-acid. Digests and liquefies organic waste, grease and food products.

GREASE TRAP CLEANER - a concentrated blend of solvents designed to completely emulsify grease in traps and carry it away.

GREASE TRAP CLEANER, CITRUS  - grease trap cleaner/degreaser. A blend of solvents based on the essential oil of oranges, (a renewable resource) that is water rinsable, biodegradable surfactants.

SILT REMOVER - liquid silt remover breaks the bond between crusted sand particles and allows them to be flushed through drain and sewer lines.


ALUMINIUM CHROME & STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER/POLISH - removes oxidation, rust, and minor pitting. Leaves a protective wax coating, indoor/outdoor.

ALUMINIUM CLEANER & BRIGHTENER - for cleaning tractor trailers. Dilutes to 1:40. Can be sprayed or brushed to remove oxidation and grime.

BRICK & CONCRETE CLEANER - a blend of acid detergents and inhibitors to clean brick, concrete and cement trucks.

MURIATIC ACID - full strength.

RUST OFF - for removing heavy deposits of rust or corrosion from metal or concrete. Etches slightly for better paint adhesion.

SAFETY ACID CLEANER - a blend of 100% safety acid detergent for the removal of water-scale, milk-stone and rust. Dilutable.


COIL CLEAN, AIR-CONDITIONER - a safe, pleasant smelling cleaner for chiller coils and other air-conditioner parts. Cleans, degreases and deodorizes. No rinse required.

FREEZER CLEANER - a special blend of cleaner with a very low freezing point. Water soluble. Dilutes up to 1:10.

HOT TANK DEGREASER - water soluble powder for hot dipping metal parts to remove grease, grime, rust and paint.

PUCK MARK REMOVER - developed especially for the removal of hockey puck marks from arena boards and acrylic. Also removes heel marks from floors.


ELECTRIC MOTOR CLEANER - a safe solvent degreaser designed as a high quality cleaner for every part of electric motors, whether assembled or disassembled. Generator and starter cleaning roller cleaning and general cleaning of printing presses and machines. High dielectric quality. Fast drying. Non flammable.

SAFETY SOLVENT - a powerful degreasing chlorinated solvent blend. May be brushed or sprayed onto surfaces or used as a parts dip. Degreases and removes oil, tar and wax. No need to rinse. Fast drying, non-flammable.

STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER POLISH - solvent type cleaner for removing grease soil, finger marks and watermarks.

TAR-SOLVE TAR & ASPHALT REMOVER - a solvent blend for the speedy removal of tar and asphalt from cars, trucks, machinery and equipment.


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