environmental cleaner, environmental cleaner, environmental cleaner, biodegradable degreaser, biodegradable degreaser, biodegradable degreaser,
environmental cleaner, environmental cleaner, environmental cleaner, biodegradable degreaser, biodegradable degreaser, biodegradable degreaser,
environmental cleaner -  biodegradable degreaser

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Government Research Institute
Discovers the Colloidal Solution

Environmental Invention Replaces Toxic Chemicals & Hazardous Solvents

By Y. LaPointe.

EnviRite News, Staff Writer.

SOLUTION 2000™, a new colloidal degreasing and cleaning agent, has been introduced by EnviroSan Products Ltd.

Safe, non-toxic
After extensive laboratory and field testing, the inventors have approvals for health, safety and the environment, from the Canadian and other Federal Governments. SOLUTION 2000™ has no hazardous components, is not safety regulated and complies with OSHA Specifications 29 CFR-1910.1200 In toxicology tests SOLUTION 2000™ proved to be non-toxic. SOLUTION 2000™ has been approved "food safe" and has been tested and passed many aircraft manufacturers' specifications.

Replace toxic chemicals and hazardous solvents
Industry field tests proved that SOLUTION 2000™ can be substituted for most industrial and household cleaning products. SOLUTION 2000™ can replace mineral spirits, many other hydrocarbon degreasing solvents and hazardous chemicals used in the production of metals, plastics and other materials. In industry, SOLUTION 2000™ can be used in power washers, spray booths, hot or cold tanks, parts washers and ultrasonic degreasers. SOLUTION 2000™ has a built in rust inhibiting system. SOLUTION 2000™ is also suitable as a pre-plating and pre-painting wash.

Colloidal micelles
Because of "colloidal optimization" SOLUTION 2000™ Colloidal Agent has a highly refined
"micelle structure". In an independent lab test, SOLUTION 2000™ concentrate was shown to hold ten percent oil, grease and dirt in "colloidal suspension", even after being centrifuged with sulfuric acid. Due to colloidal holding power, SOLUTION 2000™  continues working long after most other products are exhausted and there is no re-deposition of dirt.

Low foam, free rinsing
Another of SOLUTION 2000's many benefits is that it generates very low levels of
foam thus making SOLUTION 2000™ very easy to rinse free of any residue. SOLUTION 2000™ is particularly effective in closed systems like shop heated parts washers, carpet steam extractors and floor washing machines.

User friendly and environmental friendly
SOLUTION 2000™ contains no known pollutants. It is biodegradable and sewer disposable. SOLUTION 2000™ is not flammable nor does it give off any fumes. It is safe to use on any material that is safe when in contact with water. SOLUTION 2000™ works well in hard or soft, hot or cold water.

Concentrated, economical
Because of high dilution ratios, SOLUTION 2000™ is also economical. Contract cleaners and industry have both reported average savings of about 60 percent after converting to SOLUTION 2000™ in a full range of applications.

SOLUTION 2000™ is approved for use by many multinational corporations such as General Motors, Chrysler, General Electric, IBM and United Technologies among others.

Multi purpose
SOLUTION 2000™ is being used by automotive, aircraft and other manufacturers, newspapers, municipalities, schools, hotels, hospitals, carpet cleaners, professional janitorial contractors and window cleaning firms.

Rust inhibited
EnviroSan Products Ltd. offers a variety of dilution devices ranging from dilution bottles to high accuracy proportioning machines. The product is available in a concentrate, a 5 fold concentrate and a 10 fold Ultra concentrate for export, dilution and packaging under exclusive license abroad. SOLUTION 2000™ is also available "ready to use" for a multitude of applications and there is a special formulation, Solution 2003, that contains extra rust inhibitors for use with automotive parts washers, hot tanks, sonic degreasers and other applications where the reduction of oxidation is a factor.
Some history and the future of colloidal science.


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environmental cleaner, environmental cleaner, environmental cleaner, biodegradable degreaser, biodegradable degreaser, biodegradable degreaser,