Heated Parts Cleaners for the 21st. Century.

Economy, Heated,
Drum Mounted Parts Washer

designed for use with aqueous based cleaning solutions


$ 699.95 USD + S&H

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"designed to help protect the environment"


The Sensible Solution.
Designed to Last!

  • Corrosion resistant heavy-duty pump
  • Flexible spigot
  • Flo-thru brush with adjustable fluid control
  • Designed for easy servicing, heater pump and thermostat module can be removed in minutes from sink basin
  • Heavy duty vacuum formed sink
  • Liquid level sight tube
  • Operating fluid capacity 20-25 Gals.
  • Automatic thermostat preset to 110 degrees
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter for added safety
  • 115 volts, 15 amps
  • Individual switches for heater and pump


  • 930 - 1 * Stainless Steel Lid
  • 930 - 2 * Stainless Steel Parts Tray
  • 930 - 3 * Stainless Portable Tray with 5" Casters
  • P-26 Filter System

Tank Dimensions: Width: 23", length  34", Depth 9". 
Weight: 57 Lbs.

Use SOLUTION 2000 or SOLUTION 2003

 Environmental Parts Washer Fluid

...with heavy duty rust inhibitor.


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