An Environmental Dispersant for the 21st. Century

Colloidal Agent

Environmental Dispersant for Flammables


Prevent Fire and Explosion with


Eliminate the potential for  flammability of gasoline, diesel,  crude oil spills, etc. on land.

Spray, or foam SOLUTION 2000™ on contaminated surfaces.  Then flush with water.


Greatly reduce, or eliminate the potential for flammability of spills on water, or in ships holds and bilges.

Spray SOLUTION 2000™ on the flammable contaminant at high pressure, or apply through a foam generator to sit on the surface of the flammable.  The flammable contaminant will be micro-emulsified from the surface and dissipate throughout the volume of water.

Naturally occurring bacteria in the water will then aid in rapid biodegradation of the molecules of the contaminant.


Chemical Spill

Oil Spill


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